WRP Consulting Engineers was formed in 1998 and has since developed into one of the leaders in the fields of water resources engineering, water conservation and water demand management, including Non-Revenue Water reduction. WRP provides specialist consulting services to many of the major Water Utilities, Metropolitan Municipalities, District and Local Municipalities and Department of Water Affairs in South Africa. The company has also provided specialist technical support and technical training courses in their fields of expertise in more than 20 countries.

In addition to the specialist services offered by WRP, the company also invests heavily in Research and Development to maintain its position in the marketplace for future generations. In this regard, WRP has developed several software packages which are being used throughout South Africa and elsewhere in the world to support both the Water Resource Modelling efforts as well as the Water Demand Management activities. The most recent and exciting development is the new ZEDNET software which allows real time monitoring of pressures, flows, water quality, borehole levels, flow gauging station levels and many other parameters. The software is fully internet based and the information captured by the remote self powered loggers, is immediately available to the Clients in the comfort of their offices or homes.