Water Resources Engineering

Vaal Environmental Requirements Classification

Water resources systems analyses to assess impacts of varying environmental flow conditions on the Vaal River System. A balance between increasing ecological requirements and disadvantaging existing water users was sought.

Orange-Senqu Integrated Water Resources Plan

The second phase in preparation of an Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for the Orange-Senqu River basin involving all four Basin states, South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia and including a number of interacting water resources components.

Mhlathuze Water Availability Assessment

The development of a high confidence, high resolution water resources system model to assist with future allocations and management of the Mhlathuze River system in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. Detailed land-use and hydrological assessment included.

Luvuvhu Operating Analysis

Using detailed water resources systems analysis techniques to develop operating rules for dams in the Luvuvhu River System in the Northern Province of South Africa. 

Vaal Augmentation Comparison

The determination of the best approach for future augmentation of the Vaal resources using detailed system analyses techniques to compare various options. A number of factors including yields and pricing were considered in the comparisons.

All Towns Reconciliation Studies

Reconciliation strategies prepared for all towns in the Central Area of South Africa. The aim was to ensure adequate water is available by reconciling the current and future water requirements and water availability in all the municipal areas and towns.

Vaal Annual Operating Analysis

Undertaking annual simulations to manage the Vaal river system in terms of restriction requirements and inter basin transfers. Updated operating rules and demand projections are obtained annually and taken into consideration. Includes the monitoring of all major reservoirs, demands and transfers in the catchment.

KZN Reconciliation Strategy

Identification, evaluation and prioritisation of interventions to reconcile the water requirements with the available water resources up to the year 2030 in the KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Metropolitan Area.